12 Surprising Uses of Lemon & Lemon Juice

1. Powerful Cleaning Agent

uses of lemon

Image Source: http://hgtv.com

Grease and grime doesn’t stand a chance against lemon juice. It works exceptionally well for cleaning window panes as well. A homemade cleaning agent which works equally well to any window cleaner is made by mixing lemon juice, vinegar and water to equal parts with a tablespoon of corn-starch added. Need to clean a cutting board or counter-top instead? Clean the surface with a cut lemon and coarse salt. If the grime is a bit stubborn add a small amount of dish-washing detergent. Half a lemon works great for cleaning metal fixtures such as taps and shower fittings which lemon essential oil, vinegar, baking soda and water make for an awesome all-purpose cleaner. Stuck with a grater full of old stuck cheese? Use a lemon instead of a sponge.


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