15 Foods to Never Eat After Working Out

Top 15 Foods Never to Eat After Working Out

If you have just gotten done with working at your gym or just got done running a long race, you are going to need to eat something to take the place of calories you had lost and to build your muscles faster too. You will need to be eating proper carbohydrates and proteins like vegetables, whole-grain foods and grilled chicken. To assist you in making proper eating choices here are the top 15 foods never to eat after working out.

1. Uncooked Vegetables


Vegetables are great for overall health so it might seem strange that you shouldn’t be eating them uncooked after exercising. Vegetables such as celery, broccoli and carrots are healthy and low in fat but they would be better if they were cooked. You should also eat them along with other healthier foods after you have worked out. When uncooked, these aren’t giving you enough calories or fuel to rebuild your metabolism or energy. If you want to eat them uncooked add some yogurt to dip them in.