22 Foods That Shouldn’t Be Reheated in Your Microwave

22. Eat Pizza Correctly


Just as with using a microwave, there are certain times when you should eat cold pizza. There are some people who love opening the fridge to see there is some pizza leftover and they will grab it cold to eat it just as it is. However, besides from eating a two in the morning after a long night, hot pizza is much better.

If you are going to reheat any pizza, don’t do it in your microwave. Use a frying pan instead!

To reheat your pizza correctly, get a frying pan with a lid. Put a bit of butter in the pan and melt it and then put the pizza in your pain.

Cook over medium-heat for around half a minute and then put the lid over it for another half a minute. You will get a crispy bottom and the cheese will be delicious and melted perfectly.