All About Apple Cider Vinegar

Acv is among extensively studied drink across the world for its high nutritive value; cure for broad variety of ailments and tremendous utility.

From being pointed out in Folklores to work of eminent medical experts like D. C. Jarvis to modern time doctor; Apple Cider Vinegar always got recommended for the curing ability, regular health maintenance and fitness.

In the event that we consider obesity and over-weight cases, which have actually doubled worldwide since 1980; can we keep aside the role of Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss? The answer is simple, “NO”!

So let us see, what is Apple Cider White vinegar?

Initiating from the very start, Apple Cider Vinegar is simply an drink made from fermented any fruit juice.

The chief reason behind the tart flavour and stinky, biting odour is the main chemical component – acetic acid.

The process of production of the all-rounder drink involves natural decomposition of apples in water for a very long time to cider.

This cider is then switched into vinegar where acid solution bacteria turn alcoholic content of cider to acetic acid.

As enlisted by United States Department of Agriculture, It is made up of ~93% water, ~1. 33% carbohydrates including cholesterol reducing pectin, and the perfect balance of 19 minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron.

Function of Apple Cider Vinegar in weight loss

Now, let all of us dig somewhat more into the targets of this amazing natural medicinal drink which acts in our body resulting in weight decrease.

How the components of acv aids in lowering obesity. And, how this drink permits body to regulate and attain fitness.

1. Body Fat Decrease

A research group from Japan demonstrated the reduction of body weight, BODY MASS INDEX and extra fat mass on consumption of Apple cider vinegar by the obese Japanese subjects.

Gradual decrease in waist circumference and waistline to hip ratio was also observed and described.

On consumption of progressive increased amount of Acv, three test groups were analyzed. People who consumed vinegar were found to have comparatively lower BODY MASS INDEX, waist circumference and visceral fat than in the control group.

It has also been analysed and researched over independently by Yashamita et al. and Fushimi et al. that the acetate present in apple cider vinegar possibly inhibits lipogenesis (that is, it stops conversion of simple sugars into storage fats)and stimulates fatty acidity oxidation (that is, fails already stored deposited body fat).

2. Reduced Starch Digestion Rate

According to Dr. Carol Johnston, connect director of the college of nutrition and Health Advertising at Arizona State University or college; acetic acid, the chief chemical present in vinegar may interfere with body’s starch digestion ability.

And, it is this starch- blocking property that helps in shedding throughout the weight.

Since, lowering of starch digestive function implies lesser breaking down into calories in the bloodstream.

This may steadily lead to weight loss. Few other theories like consumption of vinegar before eating bagel and juice was found to reduce blood sugar and thus, the body weight; 2009 Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism study.

why apple cider vinegar is great for weight loss

3. Increased Metabolism

As, the cider vinegar enters the mouth, it first brings about increase in saliva production.

Then, by act of the enzymes present in saliva breaks down white vinegar to its component carbs which enhances the digestive enzymes in the abdomen resulting in breaking down of food faster.

Apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion, therefore it reduces the amount of time the fats remain in digestive tract. Since, it can be poisonous to have food particles persist in the intestine for long.

More the amount of time that fat stays during digestive function, more it will be absorbed leading to weight gain.

4. Appetite Reductions

Pectin and acetic acid present in apple cider white vinegar is believed to reduce the appetite and increase metabolism respectively.

Studies have shown that acetic acid solution aids in decreasing the accumulation of body body fat and liver lipids.

Additional, it reduces body’s water retention. While, increasing digestive function, it also reduces the hunger and makes one feel fuller for longer.

5. Oxidation of Kept Fats.

A research group published in Journal of Farming and Food Chemistry, 2009 over the affect of acetic acid on body fat accumulation in body and its mechanism.
The results of the study that acetic acid, present in the vinegar up-regulates, that is activates the appearance of genes which functions in fatty acid oxidation process and thereby dissolves the body fat and liver lipids.

Also, involvement of acetic acid in reducing energy intake has also been reported by Yamashita et ‘s.

6. Enhances Satiety

A publication signifying the role of vinegar as a source of short fatty acid on appetite control and food intake showed that ingestion of vinegar brings about feeling of fullness of stomach.

This report lead to promotion of white vinegar as a natural hunger suppressant.

7. pH balance

Human body pH which is slightly alkaline of around ~7. 2 is a factor for perfect metabolism and homeostasis.

The metabolic reactions produce acid solution products which are buffered or counter-acted after by this slightly alkaline ph level of your body intra-cellular fluids which thus, suppresses any elevation in pH. Misbalanced pH can lead to accumulation of body fat.

Consumption of highly acidic diet contributes to generation of toxins and storage of fat by the body to protect the essential organs from the toxins.

Thus, minor alkalinity of the bloodstream helps with removal of these acids as acids and alkaline reacts to form a neutral compound.

Although, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, highly acid (pH ~3) but it has alkalizing property due to existence of Calcium (pH – 12), Potassium (pH – 14).

It means, although the pH of the food is acidic but the end products after the body digestion and assimilation is very alkaline. Hence, apple cider white vinegar is alkaline forming in the body.

8. Part of Potassium

Potassium, a key mineral component present in Apple Cider Vinegar helps in converting food into energy and assist in building muscles. More the muscles stronger, more the calories from fat get burnt.

On a sufficient intake of the nutrient, muscle get increased and thereby, burn more calorie consumption. Further, potassium also helps in balancing the sodium ions present in cellular material, which assists with weight reduction.

9. Good Source of Water

Action of water in weight management has always played an essential role.

Data from a short-term experiments suggested that moving water may promote weight loss by lowering total energy intake alter metabolism.

Acv, being 93% made up of water works as an efficient and good drinking water source.

10. Role of Calcium in Weight Reduction

There is present a good evidence that diets with high calcium content are associated with reduced rates of obesity and over- weight conditions. Doctor Michael Zemel, Director of The Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennesse, Knoxville conducted a research within the same.

Calcium stored in adipose cells or fat cells play a significant role in regulation of fat metabolism and storage in the body. This study was first published by Doctor Zemel.

The more calcium present in fat cells, more the cells will burn and greater the weight reduction. In the mice research group, the mice were specially bred to be obese for 6 several weeks.

This led to 27% increase in mice fat content. The mice were then put on restricted calorie diet and calcium was given at improved amount to two test mice groupings out of three.

The result showed, mice that got healthy supplement of calcium had 42% decrease in body fat and quality mice group which didn’t get any calcium supplement had an 8% loss of extra fat.

Thus, it was figured calcium played a major role to make this difference.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic so it’s best to take one to two tablespoons a day blended in juice or drinking water. This way one won’t risk damaging your tooth teeth enamel or throat and mouthburnt like conditions with regular use.

One can also consume a teaspoon blended with honey to include on the taste along with boost metabolism.

Ways of eating Apple Cider Vinegar to enhance weight reduction. They are based after the works of Dr. Jarvis and others.:

One or two tea spoon apple cider vinegar diluted in like warm drinking water
Regular intake of up to three times before meals a day.
Since ‘Honegar’, an equal parts blend of honey and apple cider vinegar.
Further, you can use it in diluted combo with cinnamon powder or maple syrup or green tea.

It can even be added as a sweetener rather than caramel, mayonnaise and also in salad dressing.


People consuming acv should always keep in mind to heavily dilute.

It has been believed to dilute in 10 parts water for one part acv.

Being an acid solution, uptake of concentrated dosages can result in tooth enamel chafing, mouth or throat burn, stomach upset, headache and these side effects have even been reported.

1 should also retain in brain, that it isn’t a magic bullet for weight loss but isn’t dangerous. So, you can always put it in the set of essential weight loss foodstuffs and consume accordingly.


An easy to avail natural way to increase body metabolism resulting in the weight loss with influence over other positive health effects like keeps of blood sugar and cholesterol is always a recommended and a great choice for attaining fitness.

With all the enrolled and other many studies done taking apple cider vinegar provides it with a full proof support to be included as an essentiality in diet for suppressing unhealthy weight maintaining weight.