Knock a Decade Off Your Age with These Top 20 Hairstyles

Knock a Decade Off Your Age with These Top 20 Hairstyles

As we age our facial features and hair texture do change. With this in mind, you should know that a bad hairstyle could raise the age you look drastically! Unfortunately, scientists still haven’t created the potion of youth and in spite of claims being made, there is no youth in a bottle or youth in a needle! Most people look older than they are because of their hairstyle. So, try out any of these top 20 hairstyle that will make you look at least a decade younger than you are! The changes won’t need to be drastic because even little changes can make you look youthful and amazing!

20. Get a Classic Bob

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The classic bob is one of the favorites and there are many great reasons for that. This is one of the hairstyle that won’t get old because it looks amazing on all ages. For finer hair, your classic bob edges need to be blunt. For coarser hair, layers added into the bob will look beautiful.

The classic bob gives you face a flattering look. It also puts emphasis on your jaw line and cheekbones, giving a more youthful bone structure. However, if you have a round face, don’t curl the bob under or it will make your face appear fuller. Additionally, having a short classic bob brings exposure to the back hairline and may bring out those grey hairs which won’t help with your youthful appearance in the least!