Pancreatic Cancer: Learn More About the Signs and Symptoms of This Disease

Image: Medscape

Pancreatic cancer ranks at the 9th most common type of cancer fatalities for women. It is also the fourth when taking into consideration women and men. Research recently shows an 8% chance of a 5-year rate of survival for those who get an early diagnosis. When in at the advanced stage when diagnosed, there is a 3% survival rate. This is because this is a cancer that is very hard to diagnose and is mostly found when it is too later for treatment.

What is this type of cancer? This cancer happens when the healthier cells in the pancreas quit working like they should and grow uncontrollably. The cells with cancer build so fast and tumors are formed. Those cells spread around the body. When the tumors become larger, they cause other organs to have a difficult time functioning. This leads to digestive issues such as the stomach producing a lot of acid and problems with bile and liver production as well.

Medical experts say the two kinds of pancreatic cancer are endocrine and exocrine tumors. The endocrine tumors are also called islet cell tumors. They sometimes function even without any cancer. Approximately, 1% of the patients with this type of cancer have these tumors. The exocrine tumors are more common and they start with duct growth on the pancreas.

Since this kind of cancer is very hard to diagnose, it is important to notice the signs and symptoms associated with this cancer. To keep healthy, exercise is needed and nutrition as well. You also need to notice what your body tells you. If any of the following symptoms are noticed, talk with a doctor immediately.