Top 15 Troubling Health Signs Your Nails Might be Revealing

Top 15 Troubling Health Signs Your Nails Might be Revealing

There are many health secrets that may be held in your fingernails or toenails. It may not seem like your nails are anything more than a fashion statement but they could signify some health issue that needs to be treated. Different texture, odd color and other sorts of changes could mean something is wrong with your health. Find out the top 15 troubling health signs your nails might be revealing. By looking over your fingernails or toenails, you can get your health back under control.

15. Taking Care of Stripes and White Spots

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In many cases, stripes and white spots could mean your fingernails suffered some sort of trauma. You may have shut your finger in a car door. This is not really much to bring concern to. However, if you are regularly seeing strips or white spots, without there being the trauma, there might be a health disorder going on. Some common disorders with a symptom of strips or white spots on the fingernails are decreased protein, deficiency of calcium or deficiency of zinc. By eating more nutritiously you can fix this issue. The stripes and white spots could also mean your fingernails are dried out which you can treat and prevent by using acetone-free nail polish.