Top 20 Cleaning Tips Professionals Are Hiding from You

Top 20 Cleaning Tips Professionals Are Hiding from You

From social events to family and work, finding the time to give your home, clothing and furniture a deep cleaning is tough. There might be certain areas that don’t even seem worth it to deep clean. However, before you just give up and have a professional do it for you, view the top 20 cleaning tips that professionals are hiding from you. Most of these cleaning tips are holistic and you may already have the products at home. By following these tips, you are saving yourself money and time.

20. Cleaning the Stovetop

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When looking through the home, the biggest focus is often on the stovetop since it is used often. It is difficult to keep a stovetop that is glass clean enough. However, now there is an easy way to get this done. You only need baking soda, one hand towel and soapy warm water in a bowl. First, sprinkle some of the baking soda on the stovetop. Then put the hand towel into the warm soapy water and wring out the excess water. Put the towel over the stovetop. In about fifteen minutes, scrub the stovetop and voila, it will be clean!